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2023: Jandor promises Lagos-owned airline if elected

Funke Akindele

PDP Lagos governorship candidate, Adeniran Olajide aka Jandor

The Governorship Candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Adediran, a.k.a. Jandor, has said he would establish a Lagos-owned airline, if elected as governor come 2023 general elections.

According to Jandor, the state has enough resources to establish an airline, which he believes would boost social and economic activities in the commercial nerve centre.

The News Agency of Nigeria reported that the 45-year-old candidate said that his administration would also put in place laybys at bus stops and ensure that traffic managers would concentrate on their jobs.

He also added that some traffic flashpoints in the state required breaking of road medians and creating additional lanes.

He said, “We are going to have Lagos4Lagos Air. How can Akwa Ibom that is not making money as much as we are, have an airline and is managing it well, and we don’t have?

“We will make Lagos money to work for all. The APC has tried its best for Lagos but its best is not enough for us.

Mr Adediran said that the state had many problems facing it which required political will to tackle.

According to him, the state has not been able to find lasting solutions to gridlock, flooding and bad roads.

Mr Adediran said that if elected, his administration would construct flyovers at all intersections and reconstruct roads to eliminate heavy traffic.

He stated, “What brings bottlenecks are potholes and intersections.

“When you have too many vehicular movements intersecting at the same time, it gives gridlock.

“We have activities of transport unions also causing gridlock.

“The first solution is to have a strong will to put an end to the menace of the transport unions and send them back to their garages and motor parks.

“We will declare a state of emergency on fixing all the inner roads that serve as bypasses and alternative routes, to take traffic off the major roads.

“I can tell you that in this state, we have enough money to build flyovers in all intersections.

“We have the resources to deploy to ease the suffering of the people.

“We are prepared to run masses-oriented government that everyone will be proud of in Lagos.

“We are going to return sanity to our state. What we need are good policies.”

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