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Agriculture ministry clears air on rice palliative distribution

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security has taken steps to resolve the confusion surrounding the Federal Government palliatives for federal constituencies.


The Ministry has issued a bill of quantity to the contractors in charge of delivering the palliatives, which consist of “62 bags parboiled long grain rice with a golden standard, enriched with vitamins and minerals, free from fat, stone-free, not contaminated in any way, and packaged in polypropylene laminated bags.”


The bill of quantity was seen by reporters and confirmed by the contractors, who expressed hope that the Ministry’s intervention would calm the public outcry and correct the false allegations against the National Assembly members.


The controversy erupted when a House of Representatives member from Edo State, Hon. Dekeri Anamer, asked his constituents to demand the approved bags of rice, sparking unrest.


The Ministry of Agriculture blamed the delay in the procurement and distribution of the palliatives on administrative hurdles and logistical challenges. Some federal constituencies have received their palliatives, while others are still waiting for theirs, leading to mixed signals and accusations.


The Senate and House of Representatives denied hoarding or receiving the palliative items, pointing to the ongoing processes and delays from the Ministry of Agriculture.


Olusegun Dada, the social media aide of President Bola Tinubu, verified the allocation of N200 million worth of palliative items to senators and N100 million worth to House of Representatives members. The House stated that the rice palliative from President Tinubu was not lost but delayed by bureaucratic bottlenecks.


The deputy spokesperson for the House, Philip Agbese, clarified the current situation, stressing that some lawmakers have gotten the rice, while others are still expecting theirs due to different distances and ministry constraints.

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