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Court affirms Bala Mohammed election as Bauchi gov

Court affirms Bala Mohammed election as Bauchi gov


The Appeal Court in Abuja upheld Governor Bala Mohammed’s victory in Bauchi State’s March 18 governorship election, dismissing the All Progressives Congress candidate Sadique Abubakar’s appeal.

According to Channels, the three-justice panel ruled unanimously, with no costs awarded to either party.

Abubakar’s pleas, including claims of improperly filled forms and booklets during the election, lacked substantiating evidence according to the court.

Allegations of non-compliance with electoral laws were also dismissed due to insufficient proof by witnesses who didn’t vote or lacked broader perspectives beyond their polling units.

Regarding allegations of INEC officials’ unprofessional conduct, the court aligned with the tribunal, stating it wasn’t part of the initial plea and therefore couldn’t be considered.

Claims of fraudulent result alterations in favor of the PDP candidate required substantial proof, which the appellant failed to provide.

The court highlighted the necessity for the appellant to present genuine evidence alongside purportedly falsified documents, which wasn’t accomplished.

Ultimately, the court ruled in favor of Governor Mohammed, emphasizing the appellant’s inability to substantiate claims and present adequate evidence to support the allegations made.

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