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Current NLC are politicians, says ex-Lagos lawmaker

Ex-Lagos lawmaker, Hon Segun Olulade popularly referred to as ‘Eleniyan’ has revealed that the crop of people that make up the Nigeria Labour Congress are politicians.

The former Lagos State House of Assembly member made the revelation in a chat with the Champion.

He accused the congress of belonging to a political party, adding that their agitation is uncalled for as President Bola Tinubu has inaugurated a committee on that.

He said that NLC should not expect the president to meet all their demands overnight as the president is talking about bringing in investors to establish factories.

When asked if he is not seeing the NLC as the mouthpiece for ordinary citizens, he replied, “They are just politicians. This particular NLC people are politicians, they belong to a political party.

“The agitation is uncalled for because the President has inaugurated a committee. The President has made himself available and you had a discussion with him. A new minister has just been appointed for labour who needs to be briefed.

“So the issues they are talking about like palliatives are being provided but there are major ones that cannot be done abracadabra. Look, for instance, President is talking about bringing in investors to establish factories, you can’t just say the man should meet all these demands overnight. We have to be patient with the government because there are processes to be followed.”

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