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Elon Musk lifts political Ad ban on X

Elon Musk lifts political Ad ban on X

Elon Musk has reversed a prohibition on political ads that had been in place at Twitter to combat misinformation before he purchased the site, which is now known as X.

The reemergence of potentially deceptive political content at X occurred within a week subsequent to the initial posting by former president Donald Trump, marking his return to the platform after a hiatus since January 2021.

Following his arrest in Georgia, Trump shared his police mugshot, so indicating his reengagement with a platform that served as his preferred means of communication during his tenure in the White House.

The individual in question made his initial public statement following a period of several days subsequent to the insurrection at the United States Capitol, wherein a fervent crowd of his followers endeavoured to impede the certification of Joe Biden as the President of the United States.

Following the events of the January 6 riot, the social media site Twitter took the decision to permanently suspend the account of then-President Donald Trump. This action was taken on the grounds that Trump had violated the platform’s rules regarding the promotion of violence, as he persistently propagated baseless allegations of election fraud.

Musk, who acquired the site last year, reinstated the former president in November 2022, but Trump opted to use his own platform, Truth Social, which has a considerably smaller user base, to connect with his supporters.

X said in a blog post that allowing political ads, starting in the United States, was “building on our commitment to free expression.”

According to the platform, X regulations restrict the dissemination of incorrect or misleading information, including fake claims intended to damage trust in an election.

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