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EU chief observer gives election report

EU chief observer Barry Andrews

EU chief observer, Barry Andrews

European Union Chief Observer, Election Observation Mission, Barry Andrews, on Saturday, gave his report to the Press at Government Secondary School, in Abuja.


According to him, there are over 100 EU observers across the country, monitoring the electoral process and they would be here even till after the governorship elections.


He said, “We have been looking at polling units here in Abuja with my team and we have observers all over the country who are attending polling units this morning and this afternoon. We have over a hundred observers and they would be sending information back to us here in Abuja.


“But I should say that we have been here as a team since early January and we still be here in April, so this is a long-term process, it’s not just about what happens today in the polling units, it’s about the electoral process, beginning back in the primaries in fact, into the governor election, so we’re here for the long haul.


“We carry out our work against the methodology which is tried and tested. We have done this in several countries before. This is the seventh time we’ll be here in Nigeria, at the invitation of the Nigerian authorities.


“We will carry out an assessment based on international criteria that Nigeria has already signed up to and based on and based on the requirements of Nigerian law, so we are really honored to be here, to take part in this extraordinary exercise in democracy in this most important country for the region and for the continent of Africa.”


Video Credit: Nathaniel Shaibu, Abuja

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