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Ex-Ivorian minister demands age limit on presidents

Ex-Ivorian minister demands age limit on presidents

Former Ivory Coast trade minister, Jean-Louis Billon has called for the reinstatement of the 75-year-old presidential age limit during his participation on a radio program.

Although none of the three individuals have yet formally filed for the race, he is going after the political dinosaurs of Ivorian politics, Alassane Ouattara and Laurent Gbagbo, as well as the leader of his own party, Henri Konan Bédié.

The stance of the former trade minister is consistent with the most recent choice made by the political bureau of the PDCI to nominate Bédié, the 88-year-old former president, as the only candidate to lead the party.

Internally, this choice caused a commotion because some people interpreted it as Henri Konan Bédié’s nomination as a presidential candidate in the future.

Billion also said on Saturday that he would run for president of the Ivory Coast in 2025.

Meanwhile, Alassane Ouatarra’s successor, according to Ivorians, has already been determined, despite the election being two years away.

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