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Ex-speaker Ghali Na’Abba died without owning a house – Associate

Juliet Buna


Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Na’Abba, passed away in Abuja on December27,2023, after a prolonged illness.


Shockingly, it has been revealed by a close associate, Hussain Na’abba, during a Hausa podcast program called “Rigar Kaya,” that the former speaker did not own a house anywhere in the country at the time of his death.


Additionally, it was disclosed that Mr. Na’Abba had a mere N250,000 in his bank account.


Hussain Na’abba further explained that despite holding a prominent position in the country as the speaker of the 8th Assembly, Ghali Na’Abba struggled to settle his medical bills.


“He died without a house in Kano, Abuja, or Kaduna. His bank account also shows he had only N250,000 before he died. And after his Kano home was burnt by hoodlums, he squatted at mother’s mother’s house whenever he visited Kano.


“Ghali’s ideology was pro-masses, and he always had good intentions towards his people. He’s also someone who committed everything he did to the hands of God.


“But since the government sponsored some Kano citizens to perpetrate violence against him and even burned his house, he became reluctant to build another one. He was shocked to see that the masses he protected and loved dearly rewarded him with arson.


“And despite the disappointment and heartbreak, that never hindered his ideology of serving the people until his death,” he added.


He recounted that after his house in Kano was set ablaze by hoodlums, the former speaker had to rely on staying at his maternal grandmother’s house whenever he visited Kano.


Despite the disappointment and heartbreak, Ghali Na’Abba remained steadfast in his ideology of serving the people until his passing.


The associate expressed gratitude for the support received from friends and former colleagues of the late speaker. He emphasized that Na’Abba’s life should serve as a lesson to both Nigerians and public office holders alike.

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