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Ex-Thailand Prime Minister jailed after return from exile

Ex-Thailand Prime Minister jailed after return from exile

Former Prime Minister of Thailand,Thaksin Shinawatra has been sentenced to eight years in prison after returning to the nation following a 15-year exile.

He landed in a private jet on Tuesday morning, ahead of the upcoming election to choose the next Thai leader.

When he returned, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for previous criminal convictions that he alleges were politically motivated.

According to the BBC, conservative royalists have long feared Mr Thaksin, Thailand’s most successful elected leader, and have supported military coups and contentious court proceedings to weaken him.

Years after he was ousted from power by a military coup, the flamboyant and politically ambitious telecoms mogul has returned. Hundreds of devoted fans had camped there overnight at Bangkok’s major airport to welcome him with cheers.

He emerged from the airport terminal for a moment, accompanied by his two daughters and son, to pay his respects to a portrait of the king and queen.

The Supreme Court promptly transferred the 74-year-old, who had three prior convictions, to Bangkok Remand Prison to serve out his eight-year term.

The prison administration has stated that, due to his senior age, he would be housed in a special unit equipped with specialised medical equipment. Authorities have said that he will immediately enter a 10-day quarantine, the first five of which will be spent in his room.

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