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Femi Adesina recalls two unforgettable experiences as Buhari’s aide

Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina

By Wilson Adekumola


The Special Adviser to President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina has recalled two experiences he could forget in a hurry.


Adesina made this disclosure on his verified Facebook page in an article dubbed, “THE FINAL GALLOP HOME”.


He said, “I’ve had two types of experiences as we embark on the final gallop home. Some people pray with you, wish you happy and safe landing. They tell of how much they would miss you in the public domain. Others, low people, despicable, count the remaining days with glee, saying whether you liked it or not, “you will soon be out of that place.”


While speaking on his number of days in the office he noted that he has already started counting his days in the office. He, however, revealed that he has less than 50 days to call it quit with Federal Government of Nigeria as those had been with President Buhari-led administration wilould have to go on May 29.


“Deserving of pity. Do they know that I started counting the remaining days long before them? “And teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” (Psalm 90, verse 12).


“In about 44 days, we’ll be home. Who are the ‘we?’ Those of us who serve with President Muhammadu Buhari, whose second term expires on May 29, this year.


“Some of us have been around, serving in government since 2015. Eight solid years of being like a sojourner in a foreign land. Modern day Gershoms, (Exodus 2:22) who left home, family, profession, abandoned terra firma to go into what was then terra incognita. We had never served in government, didn’t even want to, but for love of country and of that honest man from Daura, we took the plunge. Now, it’s time to return home. Happily”, he asserted.


Adesina noted that the clutter you generate in eight years can be a huge pile, “And that is what has happened in my office. All sorts of files, documents, proposals, which would really make no meaning to the next occupant of the office. I met an office that was spick and span, and I need to leave the same for my successor. Why bequeath what is akin to an Augean stable, and pass unnecessary burden to him? Or her?


He said he has been working tirelessly in couple of weeks to arrange and rearrange his documents in the office in order to know the ones that would be of interest to his successor and useful when writing his memoirs.


He said, “So, in the last couple of weeks, I’d been painstakingly going through my office with a fine tooth comb. I’ve looked at every document, thrown away what is considered not useful again, kept those which will come handy in the writing of my memoirs, and filed those the next Special Adviser to President on Media”, Adesina stated.

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