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Flood: Suspend campaign, Peter Obi urges Atiku, Tinubu

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Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi asked his counterparts to suspend their presidential campaigns and supportthe victimsof floodacrossthe country.

According to Daily Post, Peter Obi disclosed his campaign suspension when he visited Benue State Governor in Abuja on Wednesday.

Obi halted his campaign to commensurate with victims affected by the flooding that has destroyed crops, and buildings, displaced and even killed some in some states.

Obi also challenged his counterpart of the Peoples Democratic Party, and the ruling All Progressives Congress, Atiku Abubakar, and Bola Tinubu respectively to follow suit.

According to him, if the candidates can purchase their expression forms for millions of Naira, they should be able to render help to the victims who lost their properties during the flooding.

He said, “I personally stopped and told my people no more campaign, until we are able to visit some of the sites, at least sympathize with those going through problems.

“I came to take permission and ask him (Ortom) that I want to visit some of the sites in Benue as I am going to do in one or two other states.

“I am also calling other presidential candidates to stop campaigning and see what we can do.

“If we can buy our forms for millions of naira, we should have some little thing to go, now that people are suffering, and at least show sympathy with them and then we can continue.”

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