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I won’t spare corruption politicians – EFCC boss

The newly confirmed chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ola Olukoyede, has vowed not to spare any corrupt politician.

Olukoyede stressed that party affiliation will not save any corrupt politician in the country.

He promised to be impartial in fighting corruption while respecting the provisions of the law, according to Daily Trust.

He said, “Whether you are in the ruling party and you deep your hands into what you are not supposed to deep your hands into, you will be called to question.p
“You’re in the opposition, you swallow sandpaper that will not digest, you also will be called to answer questions.

“The mandate that EFCC gives to us does not discriminate. This is where equity and justice comes in, so you will not be seen as chasing a particular section.”

Olukoyede also said the anti-graft agency under his leadership would focus more on preventing corruption than enforcement.

He said, “Enforcement is a very strong tool in our hands and we are going to apply it very seriously.

“The savings of an average civil servant in Nigeria all through his service years cannot build the type of houses they are building and cars they are riding.

“The problem we have is just like the proverbial monkey that was locked up in a cage with a bunch of ripe bananas. The owner stood outside with a cane. The monkey would either eat the bananas got beaten and be alive, or allow the bananas to get rotten and die of hunger.

“Everyone wants to live a luxurious life and the incentives are all over the place. I will do more in the areas of blocking the leakages. We spend more money fighting corruption when we could have spent less to prevent it.

“There is what we call a transactional credit system. If we continue to allow Nigerians to buy houses, cars and other luxurious properties by cash, because we don’t have an effective credit system, 1000 anti-corruption agencies will not do us any good and that is the reality.

“We must create an atmosphere to make sure that people have choices. If I don’t steal money, can I afford to train my children in school with good standards? If I don’t steal money, can I buy a car after I have worked for five years?

“If I don’t steal money, can I put three room bungalows in place after I had worked for 20 years? An average Nigerian does not own a home, when he has the opportunity, he would steal. Even if he did not have the opportunity he would create one.”

Senate Minority Leader, Simon Mwadkwon advised the new leadership of the commission not to be used as an instrument to fight political opponents.

“This is because we have seen this clearly that if you don’t like my face or if I’m contesting an election, you may decide to go into political issues instead of fighting economic crimes and therefore you take sides.

“You have to tell this Senate that you must be immune by any political-high profile person to level innocent financial crimes against them, to deter them from achieving their right to contest elections.

“The only way you can prove to us that you are out to fight economic crimes is for us to see that transparency is in you.”

Senate President Godswill Akpabio decried the operational style of the anti-graft agency, lamenting that the EFCC engaged more in sensation than real investigation.

He also deplored the gestapo manner the EFCC operatives invaded the residence of Rochas Okorocha, former Imo State governor, to arrest him.

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