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‘It’s not good for Nigeria’, senators slam Akpabio for hasty bills passage

Godswill Akpabio

Godswill Akpabio

Some senators have expressed their displeasure with the way Senate President Godswill Akpabio has been passing bills without proper scrutiny or debate.


They accused him of rushing through important legislation without giving members enough time to contribute or raise objections.


Senator Ali Ndume of the All Progressives Congress said he was unhappy with the Senate President’s approach to lawmaking.


He said: “You are just passing bills without prior notification, including money bills, you just pass bills within 2 hours without anyone’s contribution. This is not good for Nigeria.”


Senator Ogoshi Onawo of the Peoples Democratic Party also voiced his concern over the hasty passage of sensitive bills by the Senate President.


He said: “Sir, you are on the seat today, history is going to judge you that things like this are not good for this country.”


The Senate President, however, defended his actions, saying that the bills he has passed are good for the country and that history will judge him right.


He said: “I don’t think we would come here to pass a bill that’s not good for the interest of Nigerians.”


The Senate President has recently passed several bills, including the Bitumen Development Commission Bill, the Environmental Impact Assessment Bill, and the Nigerian Content in Programme, Contracts, Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation (Establishment) Bill. Some of these bills have been criticized by civil society groups and experts for being detrimental to the environment, human rights, and economic development.

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