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I’ve never collected money for political support from Tinubu- Gbenga Adeyinka

Popular comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, says he has only collected money from the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, for events and not for political support.


Recall that the comedian had recently faced some backlash over his support of Tinubu. However, he stated that those who did not like the fact that he is supporting Tinubu can ‘unfollow’ him on social media, as he is entitled to support whoever he wants to.


In an interview with The PUNCH, Adeyinka said, “(This is) a man I have known since 1999. Obviously, he must have paid me (to anchor) events, so I have collected money from him, but not for supporting him. I am supporting him based on his competence and the things he has achieved over the years, as well as what I feel he can offer Nigerians.


“People use their own values to judge others. I am sure because they have collected money from others, they feel that my support for him was influenced by pecuniary gains.”



Responding to those who claim that he always supports whichever party is in power, the comedian said, “I was never with Obasanjo. Besides, people should get things straight. I am an entertainer. If I get booked to work for someone, it is not an endorsement. I am endorsing Tinubu now, but if he calls me to work for him, I will oblige and he will pay. But, this endorsement is because I believe in him politically.


“(Even) if I had worked for Obasanjo in the past, I did not endorse him for the presidency. For people who know my politics, I have always been a progressive. I have found that some people don’t want others to have their own choices. We have to respect the choices of others. I have friends who support other parties and that does not affect our friendship.”


Adeyinka also stated that his support for a presidential candidate ought not to affect his brand. He said, “The fact that I am an entertainer does not mean I cannot have a voice and a say in how my country is. Every citizen ought to be concerned with how the country is run (governed).

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