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Kano Obidients mark Obi’s 62nd birthday with massive billboard

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Peter Obi


The Kano State followers and supporters of the 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, have celebrated the birthday of the politician, especially.

Obi’s supporters who are widely known as the Obedient family, went all the way, to buy a massive roadside billboard ahead of his 62nd birthday celebration.

The former Anambra Governor, on Monday, disclosed through his Twitter account that he will not be celebrating his birthday this year, due to the deplorable state of the nation.

Meanwhile, the billboard, came as a gesture from his supporters, a few hours after his post on Twitter.

Placing on the billboard includes the photo of the former Anambra State Governor, which could be seen on one of the busy Kano streets on Tuesday.

However, the billboard came along with birthday wishes, embossed on it, which reads: “Happy Birthday to the man of the year, the man of the people, the man of hope, we love you, your Excellency.”

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