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Knocks as Kwankwaso says Peter Obi’s Labour Party can’t win 2023 Presidency

Knocks as Kwankwaso says Peter Obi's Labour Party can't win 2023 Presidency

Peter Obi and Rabiu Kwankwaso

Mixed reactions have trailed the New Nigeria Peoples Party standard-bearer, Rabiu Kwankwaso’s comment claiming that Labour Party’s Peter Obi cannot be president even with the votes of the South-East.

Kwankwaso made the comments during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, casting doubts over their rumoured alliance.

He said, “In PDP, they (South East) are completely out; so also in the APC. The only opportunity now is the NNPP. We are aware that on social media, the young men and women of the South-East extraction are working towards getting the presidency, but the facts on the ground is that even if the entire zone or any zone in this country decides to vote for a particular person, that person, going by the provision of our constitution can not be president. I think the Constitution is deliberate to ensure that everybody in the country is involved.

“Today, many people in the South East believe that they are being marginalised and it will even be worst if they are not involved in the 2023 project. Labor Party as it stands today can not certainly win an election because the support is mainly from a particular zone and the figures there can not earn anybody a presidential position.

“I have many reasons why I as Rabiu Kwankwaso is sympathetic to South East and I think the relationship between LP and NNPP will cool down a lot of tension in the South East. We don’t want a situation whereby a particular section of the country will feel that it is being marginalized and already we have a lot of tension there. And this tension is not good for the South East and for the country. We have a situation today in this country where in that part of the country, the whole zone is being shut on Mondays; so many people are being killed and so many business opportunities are being wasted.

“That is why I take this opportunity to say that the leaders at that level should think positively so that this marriage can work. And If this marriage doesn’t work, the implication is that his own candidate in the PDP will be the biggest beneficiary because the North today, the way they operate politically is not very clear to many people.

“Fortunately, the northern voters have always got their own opinion and it is hardly influenced by any elite or anybody. So these northern voters have made up their minds again on what to do right now, but certainly, they will vote for NNPP.”

While some netizens agreed with the NNPP presidential candidate’s opinion, others reprimand his thoughts.

A user, @iam_wilsons, said, “I’d be surprised if the NNPP gets up to 200k votes in 2023. Let every party and candidate test their popularity at the polls.”

Another user @Bizguy10Bizguy said, “He just hit the nail on the head but the message passed to people who hate to hear the truth.”

Another tweep, @Oxy120, said, “He (Kwankwaso) said the truth. Can only Igbo people who are not even sure give Obi the presidency?”

@GIDKKING said, “2023, all who said it’s not possible will bury their heads in shame and regrets. We serve a living God and everyone knows. Only God can do the impossible.”

@orbiterP added, “So much pride from someone that cannot even win Kano.”

@valis_tweet said, “I just hope you’ll get more votes than @PeterObi after saying this? Better check well before taking.”

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