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Kwankwaso donates building for Islamic education

The leader of the Kwankwasiyya Movement in Nigeria, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, on Saturday, donated his personal house to serve as Majidadi Institute of Islamic Research and Advancement in commemoration of his 67th birthday.


The News Agency of Nigeria reported that the Islamic centre is meant to provide access for Almajiris who will memorize the Holy Quran to be trained and certified with primary, secondary and diploma certificates.


He said, “They will undergo rigorous training in both English and Arabic studies with which they will use the certificates to join the academia and make the sky their limits in pursuit for knowledge.”


Kwankwaso explained that the institute, which is carved out of his Miller Road residence, henceforth belonged to humanity in general.


He added that the institute was his idea to make sure that the streets were not only relived of beggars, but also for those seen to be begging provided with life opportunities.


He added, “This centre is to get people who have memorized the Glorious Quran registered, select those who meet with requirements and examine them.


“It has a curriculum in which men and women will be trained within the shortest possible time to get them primary and secondary certificates.


“They will be given them diploma in Islamic education. With this, they can go to Universities and the sky will be the limit for them. They will be given the opportunity to be certified and accommodated in the system.”


Earlier, Governor of Kano State, Abba Yusuf, thanked Kwankwaso for the initiative, which he said, would provide a ground for further development in the education sector in the state.


He said that the State Government would rehabilitate 44 Tsangiya Islamic School across the local government areas.


He said that state government would ensure the provision of athe required basic learning materials that would ensure a smooth learning environment.


Yusuf lauded Kwankwaso for providing the requisite leadership that pave way for the development in the state.


“We will continue to tap from your style of leadership for us to ensure good democratic governance,” he said.

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