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Kwankwaso unveils Idahosa, vows to heal Nigeria’s wound

Kwankwaso unveils Idahosa, vows to heal Nigeria's wound

Idahosa and Kwankwaso

The presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party and former governor of Kano State, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has promised to heal Nigeria’s wound if elected come 2023.

According to The PUNCH, he stated this at the official unveiling of his running mate, Bishop Isaac Idahosa as his running mate for the 2023 elections at the International Conference Centre in Abuja.

Idahosa is the Presiding Bishop and Senior Pastor of the God First Ministry, Lekki Light Centre in Ajah, Lagos.

The 57-year-old archbishop-designate is a trained Automobile Engineer from Kaduna Polytechnic and has Masters and Doctorate degrees in Theology.

During the event, Kwankwaso said Nigeria “is currently bleeding,” adding that the country needs people who can rescue it from total collapse.

He said the lack of understanding of how to govern a multi-cultural, multi-religious, and multi-ethnic country like Nigeria by the regime of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has inflicted a severe wound on the country.

Kwankwaso said the choice of Idahosa as the vice presidential candidate of the NNPP was made after careful considerations and meticulous screening of more than 20 prospective candidates, all of whom he said were eminently qualified to run with him.

He described Idahosa as someone with an outstanding record, impeccable integrity, broad understanding of the Nigerian state and its contemporary challenges.

Kwankwaso said, “Ineptitude and lack of empathy have dealt a damaging blow on Nigerians as even arrogance and sense of entitlement has further widened the fault lines in our country, and their attitudes toward the core functions of the government are causing a dangerous escalation of insecurity, uncontrollable inflation, scandalous unemployment statistics among the collapse of the tertiary education system and the general collapse of social services.

“We live in a country where victims of insecurity are constantly being ignored while still being accused of exaggeration, lying, or both.

“We live in a country where victims of unemployment are accused of laziness, where Universities and other tertiary education Institutions are frequently being shut down for months, and our children’s future being jeopardised while leaders are busy throwing out hundreds of millions of Naira to purchase party forms.

“While searching for my running mate, we scrutinised over 20 prospective candidates, all of whom were eminently qualified to be the vice president of the country but considering the severity of the wounds that have been inflicted on the country in recent years and the necessity of healing them, given the necessary desire to carefully balance old sensibilities, sensitivities, and differences to have an all-inclusive government that will be fair, and just all Nigerians and bear in mind that the country requires competent, credible and pathetic, courageous leaders, I came to this conclusion.”

Kwankwaso added that NNPP believed that “unveiling his running mate was the first step towards putting Nigeria in the path of security, prosperity and glory, unity, sustainable development, and global prospects.”

“Idahosa is a man of impeccable integrity and credibility who clearly understands the country’s contemporary challenges. He is a full-time believer and promoter of United Nigeria. I believe we can work together with sincerity to heal the wounds inflicted on the country”, he said.

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