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Labor Party unveils revised campaign council list

Labor Party unveils revised campaign council list

Obi and Ahmed

The Labour Party, on Wednesday, released a revised list of its Presidential Campaign Council; adding 219 more members to a previous 1,234 membered council, taking the list to 1, 453 members.

While Dr Doyin Okupe remained the Director-General of the campaign council and retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Zarewa, the chairman of the council, there were alterations to some of the other positions.

According to Nation, LP’s National Chairman, Barr Julius Abure, in a statement announcing the revised list, said the earlier list released on October 12 had to be reviewed to accommodate those who were “displaced” from the list.

Abure appealed to supporters of the party who were not on the latest list to “continue to do their work.”

The statement reads: “So the list is ready. I have the honour and privilege to present it to the press. The list of the committees is also available. They are available on our websites both the party’s website and the campaign websites. So members are free to look at this list. And then those who can’t be at the inauguration on Friday can do so. I will share the link later for those who may not be able to attend.

“I want to thank Nigerians for their support for the party and for our candidate. I want to appreciate all our candidates who have been working tirelessly to establish the party, and who are working hard to win their elections.

“This is a call and it’s a patriotic duty that history has entrusted to us at this time. We all have acknowledged that the numerous challenges that we have in the country are a result of successive failed leadership over the years, and we believe that if we are able to solve the leadership problem in the country, and of course, every other thing will follow.”

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