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Nigeria has platforms, not political parties – Utomi

The Convener of the National Consultative Front, Professor Pat Utomi, has alleged that there is no political party in Nigeria.

The renowned economist made the claim in an interview on Arise TV on Tuesday.

He said that what the country has is rather a platform he described as “machine politics” where the “game is about just grabbing power rightly or wrongly.”

He described the nation’s election as a mess, adding that instead of correcting the ills, the next election is anticipated for continuity.

Utomi said, “Nigeria is not a working democracy, and part of the effort of building a strong and viable political party is to make our democracy work first and foremost, before other people begin to think about another election.

“The problem with Nigeria is that we’ve fought in terms of elections. We go through a mess that is called an election, we say okay, let’s wait for the next one. No, that’s not how countries grow and develop. Countries grow and develop, first of all, by founding political parties.

“I can say without any feeling of wrong that we don’t have a political party in Nigeria today. What we have managed to couple together since 1999 have been platforms for machine politics where the game is about just grabbing power rightly or wrongly and sharing spoils.”

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