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#NigeriaDecides2023: How Tinubu won Nigeria’s presidential election by states

Bola Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, Peter Obi, Rabiu Kwankwaso

APC, Bola Tinubu; PDP, Atiku Abubakar; LP, Peter Obi; NNPP, Rabiu Kwankwaso

The Independent National Electoral Commission conducted the presidential and senatorial elections on Saturday, February 25 and the results from each states have begun trickling in.


A total of 18 presidential candidates contested the election which was held across the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


The Commission, on Sunday, commenced the last stage of the collation and announcement of the results of the presidential election by 6pm at the National Collation Centre in Abuja.


Even though, there have been postponements in some states, the election has been largely concluded across the 36 states and 774 Local Government Areas in the country.


Some states where the election has been concluded have finished collating the results at wards, local government and state levels, and the INEC collation officers across the states are expected to take turns to present their final figures.


The INEC chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, who presides over the proceedings at the National Collation Centre, is the Chief Returning Officer of the presidential election. He will make the announcement of the final results and declare the winner of the election after taking the results of the elections from the polling units across the country.


However, four out of the eighteen candidates are considered major contenders, they are Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, Bola Tinubu of the All Progressive Congress, Peter Obi of the Labour Party and Rabiu Kwankwaso of New Nigeria Peoples Party.


To be declared the winner, a candidate must score the highest number of votes and at least 25 per cent of votes in 25 states (two-thirds of Nigeria’s 36 states and the federal capital, Abuja).


At about 6pm on Sunday, the INEC chairman announced the first result from Ekiti State.


Find below the results from each state as announced by the electoral umpire and amongst the four major contenders:


Ekiti State Results

APC: 201,494 votes — Winner


PDP: 89,544 votes


LP: 11,397 votes


NNPP: 264 votes



Kwara State Results

APC: 263,572 votes — Winner


PDP: 136,909 votes


LP: 31,166 votes


NNPP: 3,141 votes



Osun State Results

APC: 343,945 votes


PDP: 354,366 votes — Winner


LP: 23,283 votes


NNPP: 713 votes



Ondo State Results

APC: 369,924 votes — Winner


PDP: 115,463 votes


LP: 44,405 votes


NNPP: 930 votes



Ogun State Results

APC: 341,554 votes — Winner


PDP: 123,831 votes


LP: 85, 829 votes


NNPP: 2,200 votes



Oyo State Results

APC: 449,884 votes — Winner


PDP: 182,997 votes


LP: 99,110 votes


NNPP: 4,095 votes



Yobe State Results

APC: 151,459 votes


PDP: 198,567 votes — Winner


LP: 2,406 votes


NNPP: 18,270 votes



Enugu State Results

APC: 4,772 votes


PDP: 15,749 votes


LP: 428,640 votes — Winner


NNPP: 1,808 votes



Lagos State Results

APC: 572,606 votes


PDP: 75,750 votes


LP: 582,664 votes — Winner


NNPP: 8,442 votes



Gombe State Results

APC: 146,977 votes


PDP: 319,123 votes — Winner


LP: 26,160 votes


NNPP: 10,520 votes



Jigawa State Results

APC: 421,390 votes — Winner


PDP: 386,587 votes


LP: 1,889 votes


NNPP: 98,234 votes



Adamawa State Results

APC: 182,881 votes


PDP: 417,611 votes — Winner


LP: 105,648 votes


NNPP: 8,006 votes



Katsina State Results

APC: 482,283 votes


PDP: 489,045 votes — Winner


LP: 6,376 votes


NNPP: 69,386 votes


Nasarawa State Results

APC: 172,922 votes


PDP: 147,093 votes


LP: 191,361 votes — Winner


NNPP: 12,715 votes


Niger State Results

APC: 375,183 votes — Winner


PDP: 284,898 votes


LP: 80,452 votes


NNPP: 21,836 votes



Abia State Results

APC: 8,914 votes


PDP: 22,676 votes


LP: 327,095 votes — Winner


NNPP: 1,239 votes



Benue State Results

APC: 310,468 votes — Winner


PDP: 130,081 votes


LP: 308,372 votes


NNPP: 4,740 votes



Edo State Results

APC: 144,471 votes


PDP: 89,585 votes


LP: 331,163 votes — Winner


NNPP: 2,743 votes



Abuja State Results

APC: 90,902 votes


PDP: 74,194 votes


LP: 281,717 votes — Winner


NNPP: 4,517 votes



Akwa Ibom State Results

APC: 160,620 votes


PDP: 214,012 votes — Winner


LP: 132,683 votes


NNPP: 7,796 votes



Kogi State Results

APC: 240,751 votes — Winner


PDP: 145,104 votes


LP: 56,217 votes


NNPP: 4,238 votes



Bauchi State Results

APC: 316,694 votes


PDP: 426,607 votes — Winner


LP: 27,373 votes


NNPP: 72,103 votes



Plateau State Results

APC: 307,195 votes


PDP: 243,808 votes


LP: 466,272 votes — Winner


NNPP: 8,869 votes



Bayelsa State Results

APC: 42,572 votes


PDP: 68,818 votes — Winner


LP: 49,975 votes


NNPP: 540 votes



Kaduna State Results

APC: 399,293 votes


PDP: 554,360 votes — Winner


LP: 294,494 votes


NNPP: 92,969 votes



Kano State Results

APC: 517,341 votes


PDP: 131,716 votes


LP: 28,513 votes


NNPP: 997,279 votes — Winner



Kebbi State Results

APC: 248,088 votes


PDP: 285,175 votes — Winner


LP: 10,682 votes


NNPP: 5,038 votes


Zamfara State Results

APC: 298,396 votes — Winner


PDP: 193,978 votes


LP: 1,660 votes


NNPP: 4,044 votes


Sokoto State Results

APC: 285, 444 votes


PDP: 288,679 votes — Winner


LP: 6,568 votes


NNPP: 1,300 votes


Cross River State Results

APC: 130,520 votes


PDP: 95,425 votes


LP: 179,917 votes — Winner


NNPP: 1,644 votes



Delta State Results

APC: 90,183 votes


PDP: 161,600 votes


LP: 341,866 votes — Winner


NNPP: 3,122



Ebonyi State Results

APC: 42,402 votes


PDP: 13,503 votes


LP: 259,738 votes — Winner


NNPP: 1,661 votes



Anambra State Results

APC: 5,111 votes


PDP: 9,036 votes


LP: 584,621 votes — Winner


NNPP: 1,967 votes


Imo State Results

APC: 66,406 votes


PDP: 30,234 votes


LP: 360,495 votes — Winner


NNPP: 1,552 votes



Taraba State Results

APC: 136,165 votes


PDP: 189,017 votes — Winner


LP: 146,315 votes


NNPP: 12,818 votes



Borno State Results

APC: 252,282 votes — Winner


PDP: 190,921 votes


LP: 7,205 votes


NNPP: 4,626 votes



Rivers State Results

APC: 231,591 votes — Winner


PDP: 175,071 votes


LP: 88,468 votes


NNPP: 1,322 votes

Following the above results, the totals votes polled by the four major presidential candidates were:

APC: 8,794,726 votes — Winner

PDP: 6,984,520 votes

LP: 6,101,533 votes

NNPP: 1,496, 687 votes

The presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been declared the president-elect.

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