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Nigerian president, senators, govs salaries revealed – Report

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

With the rumoured increment of 114% in the salaries of the President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other public officers holders recently, it is important to know what they currently earn.


Recall that, on Monday, the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission through its Chairman, Muhammadu Bello Shehu, presented the reports of the reviewed remuneration package to Kebbi State Governor, Nasir Idris, which went viral since Wednesday.


However, in a release by the Special Adviser to the President

Special Duties, Communications & Strategy, Dele Alake, titled: “NO PRESIDENTIAL APPROVAL FOR SALARY INCREASE FOR POLITICAL OFFICE HOLDERS AND JUDICIAL OFFICERS”, the rumor was debunked.


According to Alake, Tinubu has not approved such salary increase and no proposal in that regard has been brought forward to the Presidency.


Below are the basic monthly salaries for the Nigerian public office holders as reported by the Foundation for Investigative Journalism, dated 2007-2009 and published in 2020:


The President — N1,171,568.20

The Vice President — N1,010,524.16

The Senate President — N724,570.72

The Deputy Senate President — N673,507.00

The Speaker of Representatives — N412,851.66

The Deputy Speaker — N381,172.40

The Governors — N648,580.62

The Deputy Governors — N616,062.69

The Ministers — N628,056.91

Other Cabinet Holders — N650,136.65

Permanent Secretaries/Directors/Commissioners of Agencies — N617,881.68

Special Assistants — N590,957.81

The Chief Justice — N560,662.16

Supreme Court Justices/Court of Appeal President — N560,662.16

Court of Appeal Justices/High Court Chiefs — N731,657.66


While these figures may not be up to date, they capture the barest minimum Nigerian public office holders received as remuneration packages as of 2020.

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