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Nothing wrong with Tinubu’s appointment, says Ex-lawmaker

Former House of Representatives Minority Leader, Wunmi Bewaji, has made a case for President Bola Tinubu concerning criticisms that he is biased with his major appointments.


Bewaji said President Tinubu’s appointments are not biased at all, because some appointments are personal aides, and that would naturally go to persons who have worked hard with him before assuming the position of president.


Daily Trust reported that the former House of Rep minority leader recalled that people in this quarter have soon forgotten that in the time of the former president, Goodluck Jonathan, the entire South West had no substantive minister.


He said, “People who are saying Tinubu’s appointments are lopsided have forgotten that during Jonathan’s era, the entire South West had no substantive minister.


“All the ministers in the South West during the Jonathan era were ministers of state. People have forgotten that, and I don’t even see any lopsidedness here. If you look at service chiefs, it is fairly balanced, if you look at ministers, it is balanced.


“There are some appointments which have to do with personal staff, like personal assistants and stuff like that. These are people who might have been with you overtime even before you entered into office.”

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