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PDP chieftain advocates improved electoral integrity, voter satisfaction

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Segun Sowunmi, said that Nigerians are supposed to happily vote for their leaders of choice in an election.

Sowunmi said this while fielding questions from the press.

He frowned at the situation where election processes in the country are always flawed with irregularities.

He maintained that despite the huge amount spent on the election, the impact is poorly felt by the people, adding that whatever that is being practiced is not ideal democracy.

He said, “Elections are supposed to give Nigerians not only the opportunity to choose their leaders but to be happy with their choices. If the process is so expensive and the impact on the lives of the people are as small and weak as it is, then we should know that whatever it is that we are practicing is not the ideal democracy.”

He expressed believe that nothing is wrong with the judiciary nor the electoral umpire.

“I don’t agree that there is something wrong with the electoral umpire nor with the judiciary. I think what is wrong is with Nigeria politicians. I’ve never heard that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) mobilised thugs to the polling units or that INEC participated in the process of carting away ballot boxes.

” I accept that they have an oversight responsibility to make sure that things are put in place,” he added.

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