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Probe Buhari’s cabinet or face legal battle, Ohanaeze tells Tinubu


A chieftain of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Okechukwu Isiguzoro, has threatened to instigate legal action against President Bola Tinubu if he fails to probe ministers and aides of former president Muhammadu Buhari.


This threat was contained in a statement signed by the factional Secretary-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.


Isiguzoro said in the statement that Tinubu would be compelled by the court to thoroughly probe the dollarization of Nigeria’s economy by close aides, family members and Ministers under Buhari’s administration.


According to him, the importance is to recover the huge sum stolen from the Nigerian treasury, in the wake of the economic hardship confronting the country.


The statement reads partly: “We will initiate court proceedings to compel President Tinubu, utilizing his constitutional and executive powers vested in the office of the President, to officially initiate a thorough investigation into the actions of Buhari’s former ministers, service chiefs, close aides, and family members.


“Recovering all funds stolen from Nigeria’s treasury is imperative, given the escalating cost of living and the forex exchange crisis, which has led to the drastic fall of the Naira due to the perceived hoarding of looted billions by Buhari’s ministers, close aides, the cabal, family members, and associates.


“The “dollarization” of the Nigerian economy by Buhari’s economic teams must be addressed. Nigerians understand that this probe is essential to curb corruption within our system.


“It should be remembered that in 2015, his ministers and close aides weaponized the office of the President, which Buhari occupied, to launch a ferocious probe against the family members, ministers, and associates of former President Goodluck Jonathan.”


Isiguzoro however concluded that reintroducing a robust whistle-blowing policy is crucial to enabling Nigerians to provide valuable information to the federal government, thereby saving the economy and preventing the total collapse of the Naira.

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