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Putin blames Russia-Ukraine war on West

Putin blames Russia-Ukraine war on West


By Christian George

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in a speech marking the first anniversary of war between Russia and Ukraine, on Tuesday, has attributed it to the West for provoking and
escalating the wars.

He said this in a State of the Nation address, saying the US and its allies sought “limitless power”.

He announced that he was suspending Russia’s participation in a major arms control agreement with the US.

According to BBC, Russia has sustained huge losses in the war but is expected to launch a new offensive in the spring.

Putin opined that the West provoked and escalated the war, adding that New Start is the last remaining nuclear arms deal between Moscow and Washington, and it was extended for five years in 2021.

However, the United States president, Joe Biden, will give a speech in Poland, narrating the war as a struggle between democracy and autocracy after Monday’s high-stakes visit to Kyiv.

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