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Reactions as African leaders ride bus to Queen’s funeral

Reactions as African leaders ride bus to Queen’s funeral

Some Africans on Twitter have been left disgusted after African leaders rode in a bus to Queen Elizabeth II’s burial at Westminster Abbey on Monday.

Users of social media have compared the perks afforded US President, Joe Biden, who was allowed to utilize his motorcade while other dignitaries, including African leaders, were required to arrive via buses.

@Dere R Tesfa tweeted, “African politicians, including #WilliamsRuto, were crammed into a bus for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, this is viewed as disrespectful to and an insult to #Africa. #ShameOnUK”

@YejeginaLij tweeted, “Shame on the African leaders who accepted such treatment.”

“Our leaders traveled to the UK and are being treated the way they treat us,” said Emmanuel Lumumba after posting a video of Joe Biden, the US president, arriving in his motorcade and other African leaders arriving in a bus.

@Kasera Achayo tweeted, “Why even bother to go? it’s obvious their absence wouldn’t have been noticed either way. Neo-colonisation is real, I feel sad at these images of mostly African Heads of States being carted in hired buses that are not even uniformed. What a shame.”

In another tweet, Tony Roufajani opened a different perspective. He tweeted: “Why think on colonial grounds instead of traffic & security management! (300 leaders) European & other Eastern Asian leaders hopped into those coaches & I see nothing wrong with that! Just imagine the bilateral talks & acquaintances that will be facilitated. It’s a good thing!”

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