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Reno Omokri berates Peter Obi over leaked tape

Peter Obi and Reno Omokri

Peter Obi and Reno Omokri


A Media Aide to the former president, Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has berated the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi for his alleged leaked tape with the founder of the Living Faith Tabernacle a.k.a Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Omokri, who claimed that the prayers of the Muslim faithfuls during the holy month of Ramadan has helped to expose hidden thoughts of the people, asked Peter Obi to explain why he considered the just concluded Presidential election a”religious war.”

The politician, who reacted through his Tweeter handle, demanded to know who were the enemies referred to in the clip, saying that Obi’s silent on the alleged leaked tape is not golden.

“Apparently, the prayers of the Muslim Ummah during this holy month of Ramadan helped expose the hidden thoughts of some people.

“Please speak Peter. Why did you consider the #NigerianElections2023 as a ‘religious war’? Who is the enemy? Your silence is not golden!

“#TableShaker,” he tweeted.

The former Anambra governor had been indicted in an alleged audio conversation with the Bishop, on the eve of the last presidential election and this has generated a lot of widespread reactions across-the-board.

The full text of the conversation reads:

Obi: Good morning Daddy.

Bishop: Praise the Lord, how are you, Sir?

Obi: Fine Daddy, good morning Sir.

Bishop: Amen, in Jesus’ name we are going to get bright results.

Obi: Thank you, Daddy, when I hear this, your call and prayers Dad are very dear to me. Like I keep saying if this works, you people will never regret the support.

Bishop: Amen! Amen! We look forward to God’s intervention.

Obi: Thank you, Dad, I need you to speak to your people in South West and Kwara, the Christians in South West and Kwara, this is a religious war.

Bishop: I believe that you know I did a release ‘Nigeria Going Forward’ and I am coming with the second one today, but in the name of Jesus this would be a success, you know what I said, ‘Nigeria requires a strong and healthy personality, I said anyone whose source of wealth could not be verified should not have access to governance. So all we are doing we are appealing to the conscience of people to know where to go. But I want to assure you that the result will be favorable.

Obi: Thank you, Daddy.

Bishop: So relax yourself don’t be apprehensive, are you in Lagos or Abuja?

Obi: I am in Onitsha now

Bishop: So you be there for the election?

Obi: Yes Sir

Bishop: Very good, that is where to be, I say all Nigerians have an equal stake, nobody has the right to claim that he is dashing something to someone, we are coming out of it, so how is the east generally and the Middle Belt?

Obi: it is okay, Middle Belt is okay but places like Kogi, Kwara, and Niger are worrisome.

Bishop: We will get to Kwara

Obi: Fantastic, I went to Kwara and visited Olofa of Offa who told me that nobody had ever come here, with you no problem but the Christian community in Kwara and Niger, and I am also working in Kogi same way.

Bishop: Okay then I will target this clip to them; I will make sure it gets them.

Obi: Thank you I will be looking forward to the release as well, please send it to me.

Bishop: Okay I will do that, God bless you.

Obi: Thank you, Daddy.

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