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Reps unveils six-point legislative agenda

Reps unveils six-point legislative agenda



In order to promote growth, prosperity, and inclusivity throughout the nation, the 10th House of Representatives has unveiled its six-point legislative agenda for the 10th Assembly.

According to The PUNCH, this was presented on Monday in Abuja by the House Leader and Chairman of the Ad-hoc Committee on Legislative Agenda, Rep. Julius Ihonvbere.

Economic empowerment and diversification, infrastructure development, education, and human capital development were on the agenda, according to him.

Economic empowerment and diversification, universal access to healthcare, and honest, accountable leadership are some of the others.

Ihonvbere stated that the agenda, as the 10th Assembly’s vision, will serve as the legislative body’s central pillar.

He went on to explain that Nigeria’s over-reliance on oil exports had left the country’s economy vulnerable to variations in global oil prices, therefore empowering and diversifying the economy would be one of the House’s top priorities.

Investments in non-oil areas like agriculture, technology, and renewable energy will be encouraged to reduce this risk and create a sustainable economy, he said.

He said, “In the agriculture sector, we will pass legislation to modernise farming practices, improve access to credit for farmers, and support agricultural research and development.”

To increase the value of the country’s agricultural produce and so generate more jobs, he said the Green Chamber would investigate possibilities in agro-processing.

He said, “In the technology and innovation space, we will foster an environment that encourages start-ups, nurtures innovation hubs, and incentivizes research and development”.

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