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Russia, Ukraine war threatens Europe’s security – King Charles III

Russia, Ukraine war threatens Europe's security - King Charles III

British Monarch, King Charles III, has described the Russia’s war in Ukraine a threat to Europe’s democratic values.

He stated this while delivering what has been called the first speech made by a monarch at the German parliament on Thursday.

Speaking mostly in German through the 30-minute speech, Charles underlined that “the scourge of war is back in Europe, the war of aggression against Ukraine has brought unimaginable suffering on so many innocent people.”

“The security of Europe as well as our democratic values are under threat. But the world did not stand idly by… we can draw courage from our unity,” he added.

Charles is making his first state visit since taking the throne when his mother Queen Elizabeth II passed away last year, and going to Germany has been seen as an effort to mend fences after Brexit.

His speeches have made significant mention of reconciliation and a future built on shared principles in Germany.

Despite the fact that Charles has family in Germany, the two nations fought in opposite directions during two catastrophic world wars.

In his remarks to the Bundestag on Thursday, he highlighted the same principles that currently unite Britain and his hosts’ nation while highlighting how far they had both come in putting behind their turbulent pasts.

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