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Senators tackle Akpabio for hasty passage of bills 

Senate President Godswill Akpabio

Senate President Godswill Akpabio


Senate President, Godswill Akpabio has been criticized for hastily passing certain bills without proper notification of members of the senate.


Senator Akpabio was criticized during Thursday’s sitting, by the Senator representing Borno South Senatorial district, Ali Ndume of the All Progressives Congress.


The Borno-born lawmaker lamented the rate at which the Senate President passes bills without formal reading, or members’ contributions, before passing some bills into law.


He said, “You are just passing bills without prior notification, including money bills, you just pass bills within 2 hours without anyone’s contribution. This is not good for Nigeria.”


Also speaking during the house plenary on Thursday, Senator Ogoshi Onawo, from the Peoples Democratic Party, Nasarawa State, condemned the hasty passage of sensitive bills by the Senate President.


“Sir, you are on the seat today, history is going to judge you that things like this are not good for this country,” Onawo said.


Reacting to the allegation against him, the Senate President said: “If the bills we are passing are good for the country, history will judge me right.


“I don’t think we would come here to pass a bill that’s not good for the interest of Nigerians.


“So, your point of order is noted.”


It would be recalled that there was a rumour that some Senators were planning an impeachment process against the Senate President recently, and this is coming three weeks after the rumours of an impeachment process against him was denied by the Senate.

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