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Students top registered voters for 2023 elections – INEC

INEC begins collation of results


The Independent National Electoral Commission has released a report that showed that students ranked highest in the occupational distribution of registered voters.

The data which was presented on the verified Twitter page of INEC indicated that out of the almost 93.5 million Nigerians that registered to vote, around 26 million are students, which is 27.8%.

This percentage is the highest of all the nine different categories of voters based on occupational distribution.

INEC’s occupational distribution of Registered voters are artisans, business, civil servant, farming/fishing, house wife, trading,  public servant, civil servant, student and others.

Following the student’s category is farming/fishing which accounts for 15.8% of the total registrants. A total of about 15 million registrants are farmers/fishers.

Next to the fishing category is the housewife which adds up to over 13 million registrants making it 13.9% of the over 93 million registered voters.

Other categories like business, takes 13.3% of the registered voters. Trading also accounts for 8.6%.

Meanwhile, the others, civil servant, artisan, and public servant category are respectively 5.7%, 5.3%, and 2.5% of the close to 93.5 million registrants.

The least registered category is the public servant which has a little below 3.4 million registered voters and accounts for just 2.5% of the total registrants.

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