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Subsidy: Tinubu is honest with Nigerians, says Ganduje

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Abdullahi Ganduje, has declared that the removal of fuel subsidy reveals President Bola Tinubu’s honesty of intentions.


Ganduje made this statement on Wednesday as he played host to the directors and secretaries of various directorates of the defunct APC presidential campaign Council.


He said Tinubu is very truthful to Nigerians as he had revealed his intentions even before he emerged as President.


The delegation was led by Major General Abdulmalik Jibril (rtd), according to the News Agency of Nigeria.


The APC Chairman urged Nigerians to endure the current pains as the policy would yield results that far outweigh the current hardships.


He stated, “President Bola Tinubu was honest to Nigerians, he did not play a game with the removal of subsidy. He was very honest, even in his efforts to provide a solution to the effect of the subsidy removal.


“It came to the point that everybody was suffering. The removal of subsidies, there is no doubt, it’s a welcomed development. And you know, he didn’t want to deceive people even during the electioneering process. Before he was voted in, he said he would remove it, so he was honest. And now it has been removed, but of course, there are some pains.


“There is no doubt if you study the history of developed nations, they went through similar processes – one obstacle or another – and the people will have to suffer, but we are so happy that the President invited all the governors, irrespective of political leaning, and told them his agenda. His agenda is for immediate relief of the suffering, the medium measure, and the long-term measures.


“We are happy that most governments in the federation have taken the cue. They designed their state palliatives, and the federal government is also providing palliatives. But if you look at it, the short-term measure alone is not sustainable. It is the long-term measure that is important.”


Ganduje also said the government is already working on acquiring vehicles that work on gas and electricity, adding that in a few months, the vehicle would be distributed.


“The vehicles are cheaper and in a few months to come, the Federal Government will distribute vehicles that are using gas and electricity. You know we have an abundance of gas that will make transportation very cheap in the long run.


“The Federal Government is developing the railway system in urban areas. In Abuja here and across the country, the railway that started from Lagos Ibadan to Kaduna to Kano to Katsina to Jibia and up to Maradi in Niger Republic, it is the same thing with the southern part of the country, in the northeastern part of the country, and even the South-South.


“There’s a blueprint for the development of the railway system, which will make transportation much easier. So for you to campaign and for people to understand the efforts of the Federal Government and other state governments to cushion the hardship of removal of subsidy is an effort that has to be commended,” he added.

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