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Subsidy: Tinubu’s targets Nigerian economy Revival, says APC scribe

Senator Ajibola Basiru

Senator Ajibola Basiru


The National Secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Senator Ajibola Basiru has disclosed that President Bola Tinubu’s priority is to make Nigeria a productive economy, noting that the recent palliative signed by President Tinubu, is not the end of his administration’s game.

Senator Basiru who stated this, while speaking during a reception organised in his honour, by a caucus of APC, at the Freedom Pack in Osogbo on Saturday, expressed hope that Nigerians will soon enjoy the benefit of the fuel subsidy removal by Tinubu’s administration.

The former Senate Spokesperson added that dishing out palliative to Nigerians in the aftermath of fuel subsidy removal is not the end game but making sure the country’s economy becomes a productive one rather than depending on imported goods.

He further assured that the price of petroleum products would soon stabilise and Nigerians would enjoy the benefit inherent in President Tinubu’s economic policies.

“Deregulation of the petroleum sector is the right thing to do and I believe in a matter of time when fuel price stabilizes and then, the Nigerian people would be able to get the benefits accruable from the savings which can now be used to develop our economy.

“The palliative is not the end game, the end game is to revive our economy and get us back into a productive economy that will ensure the welfare of the people.

“Palliative is a temporary measure and we believe that this is a federation, the state governments should be in the position to deliver those palliatives to the people,” he said.

While speaking on behalf of southwest APC Chairmen, the Chairman of the party in Ondo state, Engineer Ade Adetimehin, encouraged APC members to rally behind the new party National Secretary, to deliver the state back into the control of the Progressives.

“Osun has always been a progressive state, the setback now is temporary and we believe if party members work together, the state would be returned to the progressive fold,” he opined.

Also speaking during the event, the Chairman of the party in Osun state, Tajudeen Lawal, charged members to let go of past resentments within the party and work together to regain the state, especially as the present administration did not understand good governance.


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