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Supreme Court dismisses appeal against Benue gov

Supreme Court dismisses appeal against Benue gov


The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed an appeal against the election of Governor Hycinth Alia of Benue State.

According to Channels, Titus Uba, represented by counsel Sebastian Hon of the Peoples Democratic Party , withdrew his appeal challenging the win of Governor Hyacinth Alia from the All Progressives Congress.

Uba had previously contested Governor Hyacinth Alia’s win from the All Progressives Congress.

Citing its lack of jurisdiction to address the matter as it constituted a pre-election issue, the Court of Appeal dismissed Uba’s petition.

The court further emphasized that Uba should have pursued the forgery allegation against Sam Ode, the deputy governor, in a high court setting.

Moreover, the Court ruled that Uba did not adequately substantiate the forgery allegations against Ode, failing to meet the threshold of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

The conclusion of this legal process solidifies Governor Hyacinth Alia’s position as the legitimate victor of the election and marks the end of the PDP’s challenge led by Titus Uba.

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