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SUVs: Buying cars for lawmakers not new, says Ndume

The Senate Chief Whip, Senator Ali Ndume, said it is not a new thing to buy vehicles for public office holders.

Senator Ndume said this in defence of the news of the purchase of Sport Utility Vehicles worth N160 million to lawmakers.

He maintained that it is right for public office holders to have official vehicles.

Ndume, while featuring on Channels Television said, “Buying vehicles for public or civil servants is not a new thing. It is only as you, said, ‘What are the implications? What is the cost, and what are the alternatives?

“But for me, I come to serve, and in serving the people, my major constitutional rule is oversight and making laws.

“If I have to do that effectively, then I need a vehicle that would enable me to do that effectively. That is what I think is the idea behind buying the vehicles.

“But it is not new that public servants, especially in the rank of ministers, and heads of parastatals get vehicles.”

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