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Tinubu remains bravest Nigerian president, says Oluwo of Iwo

President Bola Tinubu and Oluwo of Iwo land


The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdurosheed Akanbi Adewale Telu I has described President Bola Tinubu as the bravest of all Nigerian Presidents.

Oluwo who made this disclosure in a statement he signed and made available to newsmen in Osogbo on Sunday, commended President Tinubu’s courage in ending the petrol subsidy regime, which has been a major barrier to the country’s growth and development over some decades.

The paramount Yoruba ruler however urged Nigerians to support the president, in fighting the criminals behind the subsidy and in ensuring that the administration succeeds in the interest of the masses.

Oluwo described subsidy as a relief primarily for the rich with a fleet of cars, saying that all past leaders, both military and civilians, have all at different times, expressed readiness to remove the subsidy but none was able to implement it because of specific forces benefitting hugely from the illegality.

He however called Nigerians to put state governors on their toes, by holding them accountable for the usage of increased allocation to each state of the federation.

He further expressed optimism in the greatness of the country with the aggressive policy formulations and enforcements of the Tinubu-led administration, noting that Yorubas are proud of their own and will always support his plucky determination to face reality.

“Nigerians most especially the masses are strongly enjoined to endure the temporary hardship of subsidy removal. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu meant well. The subsidy saga has been for a long.

“All past leaders, military inclusive, have, at various intervals of rulership, declared interest to remove petrol subsidy but none was able to implement it except the current president. It was because the subsidy was benefiting certain forces, a few rich criminals and many affluent Nigerians with a fleet of cars.

“President Tinubu is the bravest of all our leaders who stood with courage to face reality and confront forces standing against the growth of Nigeria.

“Imagine them exporting Nigeria subsidized fuel at N160 to African countries to be sold for N800.

“The decision to face the reality by President Tinubu should be commended. He is the bravest of the Nigeria’s leaders.

“He refused to jump on the bandwagons by using our collective resources to enrich and benefit the few rich.

”Tinubu is resetting Nigeria and Nigerians brain. Even, many wealthy individuals have reduced their fleet of cars,” Oluwo said.

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