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Tinubu’s inauguration: Nigeria’s destiny has been injured, says Obi 

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Peter Obi


As Nigeria witness another transition of power and the inauguration of the democratically elected president, Bola Tinubu on Monday, May 29, 2023, the Labour Party Presidential candidate during the last Presidential election, Mr Peter Obi, has advised Nigerians to reexamine their hope, noting that the country’s destiny has been injured.


Obi, who stated this through a Twitter post, said Nigerians must understand that their destiny has been injured, hence the need to reexamine their hope for a better future.


While explaining that the country is in a critical situation, Obi urged Nigerians to reassess the situation the country has found itself and find a way to a better future.


According to him, this is a time for deep reflection, and a time to re-examine our assumptions, even as we reaffirm our hopes as Nigerians.


“For all Nigerians, this is a time for deep reflection. It is also a time to re-examine our assumptions, even as we reaffirm our hopes.


“Let us calmly review our aspirations, to recalibrate our expectations and pin down the causes of our missed opportunities and disappointments.


“We stand at that critical moment in time when, as a people, we must collectively come to grips with the reality of our injured destiny as well as the reasons for that injury.


“It is for us to reassess our plight as a young democracy and identify clear pathways to a better and greater future for us all.


“As we await the verdict of the election tribunal, I urge all Nigerians to use this opportunity to renew their commitment to the Nigerian ideal. That ideal remains noble and worth every sacrifice we can make,” he wrote.

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