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VIDEO: Biden confuses audience with ‘God save the queen’ remark

Joe Biden

The President of the United States, Joe Biden

The United States President, Joe Biden, has been reported to have gaffed yet again in a viral online video, saying “God bless the queen”.


BBC News reported that, Biden, over the weekend, was speaking at the National Safer Communities Summit in Connecticut, US, calling for tougher gun control laws when he seemingly confused the audience by his closing speech.


Videos of the president’s unusual sign off quickly started circulating online, with social media users questioning what he meant.

It is also not a singular act of confusion, as there have been recent gaffes by Biden, including a slip that caused the 82-year-old to fall at a public function.


These signs have reportedly caused the US citizens to doubt his ability to lead the nation as he intends to run for a second term bid come 2024.


Meanwhile, the White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary, Olivia Dalton, later responded to reporters by saying the president was “commenting to someone in the crowd” and it wasn’t a gaffe.

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