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What Nigeria’s next president must address – Obasanjo

A former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has identified pressing issues that Nigeria’s next president must address upon assuming office.

Speaking at a virtual engagement organised by Africa Leadership Group, Obasanjo said Nigeria must move beyond think-tank to do-tank, taking action on issues such as: insecurity, banditry and kidnapping.

Daily Post reported that the former president said Nigeria’s next president should be critically, clinically sound and should have the right character and skills to turn things around.

He said, “I hope the man who will be the next president, will be the type of leader, who will understand the economy, and that’s very important.

“If he understands the economy, there are many things he must do including; doing something on fuel subsidy. Also, the country’s debt is not too good; something has to be done.

“The amount of petroleum products being stolen in the country is mind-boggling. The level of corruption in other areas too is mind-boggling. Also, banditry and kidnapping have become the order of the day.

“People won’t invest in a country that is not secured, where travelling by road or train is unsafe. Unless there’s investment, there won’t be growth in the economy.

“Many Nigerians lack political education. It doesn’t matter if you’re fully educated or have a university degree.”

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