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Why Atiku should drop presidential ambitions, join elders – Bode George

Chief Bode George

Chief Bode George


A Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party and former Military Administrator of Ondo State, Chief Olabode George, has called on the 2023 Presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar, to forget his presidential ambition and join the elders in the party, to rebuild PDP ahead 2027 election.


Chief George who advised while speaking on Arise Television, said age is no longer on Atiku’s side, adding that there are some vibrant youth in the party, who are better options than the former Vice President.


According to him, adding 4 years of President Bola Tinubu’s administration to the age of Waziri of Adamawa who is already 78 years old, would make it unhealthy for the former PDP candidate to take any step at that age.


Chief George who further warned that Atiku should not place his personal ambition above the people’s interest and party supremacy, claimed that people are tired of seeing someone manipulating the system.


“I want Atiku. Atiku would be 78 this year. Add another 4 years. Now, would that be okay for him at that age, to take a step to be wanting to rule? No.


“Aside from his age, he should by now start to come and join the upper chamber. Let him be the big, the elder in the room. That is all we are saying.


“And if by 20230, when the South would have completed their 8 years, we would see.


“But to say that it must be you, it must be you, people are tired. People are tired of anybody manipulating the system.


“And I have begged everybody. Is not a matter of enmity. Is not a matter of fighting A or B against him. No, it is too much. So, let him come back, and join the party.


“This ambition that you must, you must. No, it is not a private enterprise.


“Recently I listened to some fellow saying they will go and form a mega party. I wish them the best of luck.


“The PDP will remain the PDP from the Southern flange to the Northern regions, as a solid party.


“I want to remind you about something. Just last week, you know the British, they are having their election sometime this year. Now, the current Prime Minister of Britain is a British-Indian. Some members of the parliament who are real-blooded Brish were making some moves about how they should change leadership, about how they can take it over. And a respectable and highly responsible member of the parliament, his name is David Davies. Do you know what he said? He said he is shocked that the party and the country are sick and tired of MPs, putting their leadership ambition ahead of their country’s best interests. It is really about time that these people realise that they have a duty to the country, that is greater than their personal leadership ambition.


“This is exactly what I am driving at. Let us go back and do what the founding fathers established as the rule of law and rules for the party.


“If they don’t want to do that, we have all gone our different ways. Like they say in my local balance, a divided house is a defeated house.


‘Let him because of age, come to the upper chamber and be an elder in the conference room.


“There are younger people, brilliant. Who has the strength? Who has the courage and brains to manage?


“Please, I am requesting him to take a costly look at his ambition. And 2027 is not tomorrow. The current government is still struggling. Struggling to even meet the needs of our people,” said Bode George

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