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Why decentralization of police will not work- Ex-IGP


A former Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro, said that the decentralization of the Nigeria Police Force will not work.

Okiro said this while speaking with journalists at the weekend during the OSAN 2023 convention in Abuja.

He explained that the factors that led to its failure in the past have not been addressed.

The former IGP, who is also an old seminarian, went down memory lane to explain the advent of the Nigerian police, explaining that authorities of the sub-regional institutions had their own police separate from the ones being controlled by the central government.

He maintained that the state police idea might not work due to the paucity of funds in both the state and local government areas.

He wondered how the states and local government areas that could not effectively pay the salaries of their workers would be able to fund their own police, according to Thisday.

Okiro, however, said the only way the state police could work was for Nigeria to embrace the Canadian model.

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