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Why Nigerian politicians should swear with African deities – Ohanaeze


Ohanaeze Ndigbo

By Wilson Adekumola


The former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chuks Ibegbu, has explained why Nigerian politicians should swear with the deities like Ogun, Amadioha as they are no longer afraid of Bible and Quran.


He also called on National Assembly to make law that will allow politicians swear with Oaths using African deities.


According to Daily Post, Ibegbu held the view that using African deities to swear in politicians would prevent them from looting the government’s treasury while in office.


Ibegbu said,“I advocate that all political office holders in Nigeria be sworn into office using Africa Oaths with our deities.


“Politicians are no longer afraid of the Bible and Koran and should be sworn in with African deities to instil fear and honesty in them. Unless this is done, our politicians will continue to loot us dry and mess up our lives.


“Politicians should swear with Amadioha, Ogun, Chockonoze, they will think twice before looting our patrimony. We, therefore, call on the National Assembly to pass a law to that effect immediately.”


The public affairs analyst also said security votes should be nullified saying that the “immunity clause and full-time national and state legislature, at Nigeria’s cost is inhumane and outrageous.


“80 percent of our resources go into servicing non-productive politicians and elites leaving the masses in agony”, he decried.

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