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Wike links soaring crime rate to bad economy

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, said that the soaring crime rate is as an aftermath of poor economy in the country.

Wike explained that poverty and the economy were two sides of a coin, just as poverty and crime are connected, according to Peoples Gazette.

He noted that poverty rate and economy can not be separated, stating that if the economy is good, things will move on well and crime rate will reduce.

“You cannot talk about poverty without talking about the economy. If the economy is good, it means a lot of things will function well and that will be able to reduce poverty.

“When the economy is working well, there will be a lot of employment creation. When the economy is good, businesses will thrive, and this is what the current government is trying to do,” Wike said.

He stressed that Tinubu’s government, through the subsidy removal and other economic policies, is working hard to improve the country’s economy which had been in a terrible state for a long time.

He urged Nigerians to wait patiently, adding that the measures will, in the long run, improve the economy as a practical solution to poverty reduction.

He, however, cautioned Nigerians not to use hardship as an excuse to commit crime.

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