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Youths blame NNPP, Kano gov for electoral woes

Abba Yusuf

Kano Governor-Elect Abba Yusuf


A coalition of youths under the aegis of Nigerian Youths in Politics has expressed the need to blame the New Nigeria People’s Party and Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of Kano state, for the negligence of the Electoral Law in nominating candidate for the March 18 Governorship election in the state.


Stating this during a news conference in Abuja on Sunday, Comrade Magaji Alidu, said Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf and his party, the NNPP, took for granted a very important aspect of the electoral process and must be punished for their negligence.


Alidu however noted that the party should blame itself for its self-inflicted woes, rather than seeking every avenue to impugn the integrity of the judiciary.


“Contrary to the ongoing bastardization of the Nigerian judiciary by some aggrieved persons who lost at the tribunal and the Appeal Court as a result of non-compliance with the Electoral Act 2022, as amended, we wish to state that the court did not act ultra vires when it held that Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf was not a member of the New Nigeria Peoples Party as of the time the party sponsored him as its governorship candidate in Kano State.


“We agree that the tribunal strengthened democracy by deducting the uncertified ballot papers which were neither signed nor stamped by the electoral officers presiding during the poll as stipulated by law. The Electoral Act 2022, as amended, in Article 63 Sub Section 2 captures it.


“Section 177, Sub-Section C of the 1999 Constitution, as amended, states that one must be a registered member of a political party and be sponsored by the same political party to be qualified to contest for the office of a Governor of a State.


“This is to show that those who jump from one political party to the other in a bid to secure tickets must also be careful because there is a judicial precedent to that effect.


” The case of Abba Yusuf is not the first, and neither will it be the last. In the case of Senator Hope Uzodinma vs Uche Nwosu, the Supreme Court had established precedence on membership of a political party and the sponsorship of a candidate.


“Therefore, believing that blackmailing the judiciary may lead to subversion of justice is not true. The Supreme Court is a constitutional court that deals primarily with points of law.


“We wish to warn political actors especially those who know the law but are trying to bend it because it does not favour them that, the judiciary is a sacred institution that must not be undermined”, Alidu said.


The coalition further regretted that the Attorney General of Kano State who is a lawyer, also joined in the bastardization of the image of the Justices who delivered judgment on the Kano State governorship appeal.


“Such action is highly unprofessional and requires immediate sanctions by the Nigeria Bar Association NBA to retain the integrity of the legal profession.


“The negative campaign being championed by the NNPP and Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of Kano State should be stopped.


“As young people in politics, we shall continue to encourage the judiciary not to be intimidated by the sponsored blackmail against it.


“The Supreme Court is their target. They are castigating the Appeal Court Justices to blackmail the Justices of the Supreme Court to subvert justice. Democracy has come of age and the judiciary is not a cash and carries as the Attorney General of Kano State portrays.


“We demand an immediate apology from the Kano State Government and the leadership of the NNPP for going too far in lambasting the judiciary because the judgment did not go in their favour”, the coalition demanded,” it added.

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